I make maps for a living, but I am an amateur photographer with an appetite for travel and adventure. As a native Texan I grew up watching incredible West Texas sunsets. I truly believe they have some of the best sunsets in the world… or perhaps I’m just homesick.

Recently I discovered a love for wildlife photography, with my first trip to the Shetland Islands; Photographing seabirds and seals has stirred a new passion in me.

When I’m not out and about traveling with my camera, I can be found attending Oklahoma City Thunder basketball games with my husband Brian. Together we enjoy spending time with our two sons, their beautiful wives, and seven of the cutest grandchildren on earth.

I’m very easy to talk to so why not send me an email and introduce yourself. You can also find me on Twitter as “MapmakerJenny”

Jenny @Muckle Flugga


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