Wister Lake, Oklahoma

29 Nov
Camping on Wister Lake

Camping on Wister Lake

We took the trailer out for one last adventure before preparing it for winter.

The second week in November was the perfect time of year for SE Oklahoma.  The leaves were turning beautiful colors and the crowds were mostly gone for the season.  The few campers that were out this time of year were doing the same thing we were… Touring the Talihina Drive in hopes of capturing colorful fall photos.

The nights were rather chilly, everything you’d expect for mid- November.  It was well worth the quick weekend getaway though, Brian smoked his cigar by the fireside while I walked around the campsite looking for a spectacular sunset to photograph.  It didn’t do much for me and I ended up with this shot of the trailer with the sunset on the lake behind it.

Sunrise the next morning was well worth rising early.  The fog moved in and the lake was a bit more calm. The colors were spectacular, shades of orange and pink, with blues and gray.

Wister Lake, Oklahoma

Wister Lake, Oklahoma


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